conclave series 4b250
V/A Conclave Series Vol.2

Cat: RSD016
Artist: V/A
Released : 2016-04-26
House, Techno

  1. Vakula – 809 (Original)
  2. Lapien – Inland (Original)
  3. Esoteric Rodeo – Whisky Bondage (Original)
  4. Himan – Melancholia 1986 (Original)
  5. Dj Aakmael – Journey (Losoul Remix)
  6. Brooks Mosher – Memory Flash (Original)
  7. Moody Waters Feat. D-Ham – Hours After (Original)
  8. Kaitaro – God Bress (Original)
  9. Afriqua – Jive Turkey (Original)
  10. Aralc – Crosswise (Original)

Release Sustain follows up on the Conclave Series, the Release Sustain showcase.

With the volume 2, we have included the Artists and tracks that represent the sound of the label so far. These are dancefloor orientated tracks and the tracks that have been most played on our showcases.
hope you enjoy!

Speedy J – Thx Will Test
Colin Dale – Fantastic sound. All cuts are solid but a heads up for Lapien & Kaitaro cuts. Will rotate & support.
Guido Schneider – God Press You” is my favorite. I will check it on the floor.
Reggie Dokes – Moody Waters Feat D-Ham (Hours After/ Original Mix ) did it for me. On point, deep with some melody!
Stereo MC’s – vakula,lapien and aralc good for me thanks
Ame – Thx!

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