Release Sustain
V/A Conclave Series Vol.3 Out on November 29th!

Cat: RSD018
Artist: V/A
Released : 2018-11-29
House, Techno

  1. Benjamin Brunn – The universe is only a counterweight ( Original )
  2. Simoncino- Laura B ( Transimeno MIx )
  3. Reggie Dokes – She a Freak ( Original )
  4. Sammy T Thompson – Raspberry Dog ( Original )
  5. Ben Gomori – A Generation of Dancers ( Original )
  6. Search on Space – Molotow Reprise ( Original )
  7. Maura – Vigna ( Original )
  8. Moody Waters – Voices ( Original )
  9. Amir Alexander – Telepathy ( Original )
  10. Rodrigo Valdivia & Camilo Gil – This Time ( Original )
  11. Steve Mccready – L’avenue ( Original )
  12. J. Daniel – The Way ( Original )
  13. Emiliano Papetti – Little Bastard ( Africa Space Program 10.000 Feet Mix )
  14. Vincent Floyd – Euphoric Recall ( Original )

We are stoked to present you the third volume on the Conclave Series, The soundtracks for our label showcase. In this third Volume, aside from the Artists and tracks that represent the sound of the label so far, We have included a lot of unreleased material and new Artists. Gems from Benjamin Brunn, Nick Simoncino, Reggie Dokes, Vincent Floyd, Amir Alexander, Moody Waters, Ben Gomori, Samm T. Thomson, Maura, Steve Mc Cready, J.Daniel, Africa Space Program, Camilo Gil & Rodrigo Valdivia, Search on Space make up this Compilation. From Detroit to Chicago to London to Berlin… dance tracks and those sonic vibrations that have been Rocking our Dancefloors. hope you enjoy!

Out on 29th November.


Paul Cottam: his is a cracking comp! Highlights for me are from Benjamin Brunn, Simoncino, Amir Alexander, J Daniel and the absolute belter from Reggie Dokes
Andrew Grant: Some beautiful gems in there 5/5
Steven Tang: Bangers!
David Scuba: Telepathy is super trippy … also feeling the Universe is a counterweight!!
Colin Dale: ……some really cool tracks and artist here. There’s something for everyone.
Håkan Dahlby: Great variety of Techno! Well produced! Thank you!
Rui Vargas: there’s a lot of great music here for me to play. excellent comp
Bob Osborne: Excellent compilation of fine music
Varoslav: that’s a great compilation! great vibe.