RS025 V/A Nightall and Other Stories reviewed on Resident Advisor.


Release Sustain connects original US deep house with its European adherents. On its new compilation, the London label collects tracks from two Midwestern heavy-hitters: the Chicago dream house legend Vincent Floyd and the Atlanta-via-Detroit veteran Reggie Dokes. They supply one track each for the B-side, while the A-side stays European with tunes from Simoncino, a student of the Midwestern sound, and the Ukrainian producer Vakula. The EP finds a great balance between these artists. If you were listening blind, it would be hard to say who made each track.

Vakula reins things in on his stripped-down banger “809.” Its title likely refers to the Roland machines he used. Percussion is the track’s focus, as rough hats dip and dive like a menacing Relief Records bonus beat. Simoncino sounds like Larry Heard forced to sample from a CD of comedy sound effects—a screaming man and an elephant both feature in his smooth-as-silk Juno jam. Reggie Dokes’ moody and jacking “She A Freak” is a close cousin, while Vincent Floyd’s blissful, piano-heavy “Euphoric Recall” lives up to its title. It folds stately strings, an affable bassline, flute and a clavinet-style synth into a joyful melody.