Great Article by DJMag: 10 Detroit Producers keeping the motorcity sound alive

here is A great Article by Djmag and we are stocked to see two of our label’s artists featured in this article.

Although Detroit can legitimately lay claim to being the birthplace of techno, the city maintains an uneasy relationship with the music it helped spawn. On the one hand, the scene in the city is virtually non-existent (fascinatingly documented in Laurent Garnier’s ‘Electrochoc’), yet on the other it continues to churn out incredibly talented producers in impressively peerless fashion.

Yet for every Carl Craig, Moodymann, Patrice Scott, Kyle Hall, Delano Smith, Mike Huckaby, Norm Talley, Omar S, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills and Derrick May, there’s a host of incredibly talented musicians operating in the background who, for whatever reason, maybe haven’t quite enjoyed the same adoration as their aforementioned peers. Book these guys for your party and we can state with some assurance that they’ll absolutely rock the joint — Detroit style!

Alton Miller
The fact that Alton Miller was born in Chicago but raised in Detroit is likely not lost on anyone who’s sampled his eclectic sets. Just as likely to call on techno tropes as he is polished house grooves, his is a diverse sound that was honed by years listening to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Santana and Parliament Funkadelic. In 1988 he helped open legendary nightspot The Music Institute, in the process ensuring his legacy is one that far transcends the city of Detroit. A producer of some repute, Miller’s works have brought him to some of the scene’s foremost labels, not least Peacefrog, Planet E and most recently, Kai Alce’s NDATL.

Reggie Dokes

Reggie Dokes is the man behind the Psychostasia label and has also repped a host of respected European labels such as Clone, Philpot, We Play House and Trus’Me’s Prime Numbers. Much like the aforementioned Aesthetic Audio, Dokes’ Psychostasia houses works from locals and non-locals alike, with Dubbyman and Juju & Jordash among those who’ve cropped up on the label. As comfortable producing house and techno as he is hip-hop (Dokes actually spent time in Atlanta where he previously pursued a career as a hip-hop beatmaker), Dokes is arguably in the form of his career right now – just as anyone who’s sampled Psychostasia’s latest wares are sure to attest to.

Every name on the list is an absolute must for every fan of the Motor City Sound. Read the full article here !