Conclave Series Vol. 3 to be released this Summer.

Conclave Series 3rd edition.

Following the two previous editions of the sought after compilation ”conclave” series.
We are Happy to announce the third edition this summer.
This compilation is taken from the label’s showcase theme and reflecting the tracks that are most rotated on our events.
This edition will be available in digital on the best online outlets, and it will include names and tracks that were previously released on vinyl, but also including unreleased tracks from our artist roster.

Artists featured include Simoncino, Benjamin Brunn, Reggie Dokes, Amir Alexander, Moody Waters, Steve Mc Cready, Search On Space, Camilo Gil & Rodrigo Valdivia, Maura, Vincent Floyd, Emiliano.

The Conclave 3 compilation is due to be released in August 2018.

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