Release Sustain
Temma Teje

TEMMA-Teje is one of the most noteworthy young artists of Japan. TEMMA started writing original songs and lyrics for his band when he was thirteen. By the age of sixteen he was doing two gigs a week in various clubs as a guitarist and a vocal. The influence he had had from Underworld as a schoolboy leads to his interest in electronic music, and begins creating his own on a laptop at seventeen. Through MySpace and other interviews he attracts interest. He got offer of DJing and Live set at radio show and his music being used as a radio program theme, he soon becomes known to many artists, and gets offered to do a remix. Currently he does remixes for artists such as Hiroshi Watanabe, Popnoname, Louis Haiman, Dave Angel and sans soleil. His remix work performance is unbelievable for his age…

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