Release Sustain
Luke Black

Luke Black has already made his mark at some of Berlin’s prominent techno sanctuaries, including Chalet, Wilde Renate and Club der Visionaere, impressing music influencers around Europe with his compelling extended sets and music selection expertise. Chord Label-Head Black’s signature blend of minimal soundscapes and rugged percussion have led to him releasing on the likes of Yoruba Grooves and Release Sustain.

In 2017 Luke switched focus to his live act and the attention to detail and true artistic dedication are evident in this classy piece of work. His meticulous production skills are emphasised in his entire ethos and artistic concept, which expresses his new focus to the purest art form. This new act is where his style and direction is defined for his next chapter in Berlin.

His live performances on stage reflect his new detailed and textured sound combining drum machines and synthesizers with a laptop and it’s refinement and exploration is truly evident. His vibrant energy on stage combined with his expressive melodies, glitches, tweaks, minimal clicks and technical precision creates a unique experience.