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Life Recorder

Life Recorder is travelling since the mid 90’ies through techno & house areas strongly influenced by some of the deepest Detroit & Chicago music from Juan Atkins, Larry Heard, Ron Trent or Jeff Mills. Originally known as Kriss Kortz born and raised in Geneva’s suburbs he is now based in Marseille, south of France. Starting to mix with tape recorders at 12 and to hook up with the turntables and vinyls around 1996/97, he released his 1st tracks in 2006 on a French label called “Code 316 Recordings”, then started to learn more and to shape his sound aside of DJ gigs in France, Swiss and across Europe and more (London, Berlin or Tel Aviv recently).
Remaining in a constant learning mode one of Life Recorder’s focus is to keep a constant honest relation between music and life in order to move forward. The past 3 years showed a new and more mature and introspective phase in his music which gave birth to new releases so far on quality vinyl labels, like”Atmospheric Existence” in Uk and on Keith Worthy’s “Aesthetic Audio” imprint from Detroit in 2012 with the acclaimed “No Look Back” EP.

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