Release Sustain
Fred P.

Fred P has truly captivated the house fraternity of late with his deep as the ocean house cuts on his very own Soul People Music as well as on Underground Quality. The word deep has recently been used to a point of overkill but one man that word applies to in his character as well as the music he makes is Fred. Fred is no new comer either. He has been carving and working on music for the past 20 years . so there is knowledge and skill there.

Fred, Jus Ed, Dj Qu & Levon Vincent became much more than just New York dj’s and producers. They truly captivated and captured audiences from all over the place with their highly intoxicating take on house music.

Articles and heavy features came from the likes of Resident Advisor, Xlr8 and many more but Fred & the rest of the crew remain focused and truly humble. 2010 Looks like it will be a rich year for Fred what with ace releases already garnering high praise on Soul People alongside Move D & Steve Oh. contribution on Laid. Fred is also constantly on the road with gigs in Berlin, New York, Belgrade, Frankfurt, London Ireland, Philly, Miami Winter Music Conference 2010 For RA .e.t.c. & satisfied audiences and promoters all around and more release planned for this year only the sky is the limit for this great master builder.

The devastatingly brilliant Deep Things Ep truly cemented Fred position as a producer of note. Little White Earbuds could not get enough of Fred and made his ace Structure cd album their number one album for 2010.

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