Release Sustain
Benjamin Brunn

By day, Brunn keeps busy as a structural engineer, currently working on designs for India’s future Antarctic research base. Most nights, though, he’s in his home studio with his Nord Modular, engineering the luminescent tones and animated atmospheres that have placed him at the forefront of Germany’s left-field house community. His ongoing relationship with the distinguished BineMusic label has yielded a sterling run of EPs, as well as 2004’s Koenig und Drache album, a wonder of enveloping texture and subtle melody. Brunn’s also recorded for Ware, Mule Electronic and Workshop, but it’s a record for Smallville that’s received the most recognition. Songs from the Beehive, an album-length collaboration with Move D, arrived as an instant classic in 2008, its “solid beats and liquid atmospheres” heralded by RA’s Peter Chambers as “soothing, yielding, and almost therapeutically easy to listen to.” We coaxed the Hamburg producer away from his keyboard for an evening to chat about how he—and, of course, his machine—have shaped his signature sound.

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